Competition - Video Submission

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TTM Healthcare Solutions are solely dedicated to their people. That is why we would love you to submit your day in the life video below. We want to know what life is like from your perspective as a third level student. With your permission we would love to share your 'Day in The Life' video on our social channels. Please submit your video below to be entered into the draw to win a €150 voucher!

Video Format

- Film clips on your phone vertically

- Submit the clips separately and we will put them together.

- The video should showcase your day as a third level student - Please mention what course you are studying or what your chosen profession is. For example ' A Day in The Life of a Biomedical Science Student'.

*Do not film the video on Tik Tok and download. As the Tik Tok logo will be embeded on the video and it will make it difficult to use on our social channels. Instead film the clips on your phone and upload the clips below.

​Submit your video below