A Nursing Role in the HSC


In order to work as a Registered Nurse in Northern Ireland, you must hold current registration with the UK Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC). Once you have met all the prerequisites, you will be allocated to a specific clinical area and assigned an experienced registered nurse to support you clinically.

All newly registered nurses and midwives will receive inductions, which provide essential information in relation to their professional and clinical responsibilities as well as mandatory training within their area of work.


A period of Preceptorship will be undertaken by all newly registered nurses and midwives. It will typically span a period of six months following registration. Preceptorship is based on the Knowledge and Skills Framework (KSF) and is designed to develop the skills, knowledge and confidence of new registrants and to support them as they meet the probationary requirements of the Trust. All new registrants will be allocated a Preceptor who will provide supervision and&support during this period.

Education & Development

Each Trust is committed to helping you develop within your current job and to equip you in fulfilling your career ambitions. We provide an excellent range of development activities, each carefully selected to help staff at all levels achieve successful and rewarding nursing and midwifery careers.

There are a wide range of education and development opportunities available - these will be discussed when you start your job and during your development review. The Trusts will provide:

  • Mandatory training necessary for the safe provision of services
  • Education and training necessary for service developments within your clinical area 
  • ​Professional development opportunities.

The Trusts work in partnership with the Clinical Education Centre, the Leadership Centre, Queen’s University Belfast, Ulster University and the Open University. Nursing and Midwifery staff who undertake courses commissioned through the Department of Health, Social Services and Public Safety’s (DHSSPS) Commissioning Plan receive time off for the course and travelling expenses to attend lectures.


From April 2016, the NMC requires all registrants to meet Revalidation requirements. Revalidation helps nurses and midwives demonstrate that they practice safely and effectively. Revalidation also builds on existing renewal requirements by introducing new elements, encouraging nurses and midwives to reflect on the role of the Code in their practice and demonstrate they are ‘living’ the set standards.

Each Trust will provide support for every registrant to ensure they meet the Revalidation requirements
as set by the NMC.

Development of Practice

All Trusts are committed to the development of practice and aim to identify, develop and promote best practice through clinical supervision, workbased learning and reflective practice in order to realise the full potential of individual registrants and clinical teams.

Personal Development Plan (PDP)

All nurses and midwives will have an annual review to evaluate individual progress, set objectives and identify development opportunities. The review is an opportunity to reflect on achievements and set new objectives for the forthcoming year. Any learning and development needs arising can be discussed and planned with your line manager.